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Experience the difference clean sidewalks makes for your building. Gumbusters DC removes gum from virtually any surface. We use a unique system that we developed ourselves.

Gum Removal

About Us

Gumbusters DC is dedicated to removing gum, one area at a time. We have developed a field-proven system that erases even the most stubborn pieces of gum, no matter what surface it's on. Our team crafted our Gum Cart after years of research and testing in Europe. Gumbusters began in Holland before starting here in Washington, DC, in 2003.

Gum has a long and storied history. The ancient Greeks and Middle Easterners enjoyed chewing mastic resin combined with beeswax. The Mayans also developed a form of gum called chicle, which was coagulated sap of the sapodilla tree. Modern gum appeared in 1867 when Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was searching for a substitute for rubber. He contacted American Thomas Adams, who discovered that the substitute had other qualities, especially when he added flavoring to it. Today, over 50 million pieces of gum are chewed every day in the United States alone.

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