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The Gumbusters Difference

Nothing distracts guests and clients more than a sidewalk covered in used gum. It takes away from the view of your building. You need a dedicated gum removal company that is backed by decades of experience. Gumbusters DC is ready for any task, including graffiti cleaning. We have been in business for more than 15 years. Our team regularly works with numerous museums, universities, airports, and businesses in cleaning their sidewalks and more. Call today to find out how our services are right for you.


We are removing gum in location(s) such as:

Sports Arenas Theaters & Cinemas
Concert Halls Schools & Universities
Museums & Monuments State & Local Government Buildings
Hospitals Shopping Centers & Malls
Libraries Amusement Parks & Zoos
Restaurants / Night Clubs Train, Bus, Metro, Subway Station
Airports Gas Stations
Supermarkets Bowling Alleys
Swimming Pools Large Hotel Chains
Retail Businesses Etc.

Scraping Harsh Chemicals Power washing GumBusters
Environmentally Friendly YES NO NO YES
Gentle on Surface NO  NO NO YES 
Quiet Operation YES YES NO  YES
Water Efficient YES YES NO YES
Allows Pedestrians to Pass YES YES NO YES
Easy on the Back  NO  NO YES YES

Gum Cleaning Service

Renowned Service

Numerous news agencies have recognized us for our superior service. We have been featured in media clips by NBC™, both on the air and in a web extra. The Washington Post™ also wrote two separate articles on our company, which you can read by clicking here and here. Finally, George Washington University's Hatchet™ covered us in their newspaper.

Lethal to Gum, Friendly to the Environment

Over the years we have developed a unique and effective approach to gum removal. Our number one goal is to leave you with pristine areas free of gum and graffiti. We never use harsh chemicals that harm the environment, nor do we use traditional methods such as scraping and power washing. Instead, our Gum Cart only uses eight gallons of water per day under normal conditions. It includes a cleansing wand that exerts minimal pressure while scrubbing the gum away. We use the nylon brush mainly on carpets and the brass brush on harder, outdoor surfaces. The gum disappears from virtually any surface within seconds.

Flexible Service to Meet Your Needs

Every project needs something a little different. That's why we stay flexible so we can continue to deliver exceptional service. Our team sits down with each client to fully understand what the project entails. Then, we don't leave until the job is done. Contact our base in Washington, DC, today to be on your way to stunning exteriors.